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Mermaid Kit

Mermaid Kit

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Welcome to our enchanting Mermaid Sensory Kit, designed to captivate young imaginations and provide hours of screen-free play. Dive into a world of creativity and sensory exploration with our carefully curated assortment of mermaid-themed delights.

Inside this magical kit, you will discover three jars of our homemade sensory dough. Let your little ones indulge their senses as they squeeze, mold, and shape the dough, engaging their fine motor skills and promoting a calming sensory experience.

To bring their mermaid adventures to life, we have included three charming mermaid figurines that will become the main characters of their underwater tales. These beautifully crafted figurines feature exquisite details and are sure to spark endless storytelling possibilities.

The pretend clam shell adds an extra touch of whimsy to the playtime experience. It can be used as a treasure chest or a cozy hideaway for the mermaid figurines, encouraging imaginative play and enhancing storytelling.

To complete the enchanting underwater scene, our kit includes a selection of assorted aquarium plants, adding a splash of vibrant colors and creating a realistic aquatic environment. Additionally, we have included an assortment of gems that can be used to embellish the mermaid scenes, allowing children to create dazzling underwater landscapes.

Not only will this Mermaid Sensory Kit keep children engaged and entertained, but it also promotes screen-free play, encouraging a break from digital devices and fostering creativity and imagination. It's the perfect solution to keep little ones busy while sparking their curiosity and igniting their love for imaginative play.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Sensory kits contain small parts. Kits are recommended for ages 3 and up!

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