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Art of Dough

Art of Dough Monthly Subscription - Dough Pouches

Art of Dough Monthly Subscription - Dough Pouches

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Give your little one the gift of a monthly subscription pouch! These adorable mini kits are designed to provide hours of sensory and creative play. A new pouch will be delivered once per month!  Allow your little one to reap all the benefits of sensory play for just $20/month!

Sensory play refers to activities that stimulate the senses, such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. It is an important aspect of a child's development and provides numerous benefits for their growth and well-being. Here are some of the benefits of sensory play:

  1. Brain Development: Sensory play stimulates the brain and helps develop neural connections. This can lead to improved cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, memory, and language development.

  2. Fine Motor Skill Development: Sensory play activities, such as playing with playdough, can help improve fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

  3. Emotional Development: Sensory play can help children regulate their emotions and express themselves in a safe and controlled environment. This can lead to improved emotional regulation and self-esteem.

  4. Sensory Integration: Sensory play can help children integrate and process sensory information, which is important for overall development and functioning.

  5. Relaxation: Sensory play can be a calming and relaxing experience for children, helping them to manage stress and anxiety.

  6. Exploration and Discovery: Sensory play provides an opportunity for children to explore, discover, and learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way.

  7. Bonding: Sensory play can also be a bonding experience for children and their caretakers, as they share in the experience and engage in play together.

This is a recurring subscription -- you will be charged on the 1st of each month and kits ship around the 15th. 

 Theme line up:

    • January - Baking
    • February - Valentine's Build a Love Bug
    • March - Ice Cream
    • April - Easter
    • May - Bee
    • June - Pets
    • July - Zoo
    • August - Under the Sea
    • September - Pie Baking
    • October - Build a Monster
    • November - Build a Turkey
    • December - Gingerbread Baking or Build a Snowman

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