Benefits of Sensory Play

Benefits of Sensory Play

Hi mamas! I am a fellow mama of three boys (Donald is 5, Hayes is 3, and Parker is 1). As a new mom, I remember feeling completely lost on how to keep my toddler son entertained, especially for longer periods of time so I could actually do a couple things around the house for myself, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee! 

I remember buying what seemed like endless toys, hoping that something would keep the interest of my busy boy for more than three minutes. Our playroom quickly grew full of bright colored, plastic toys, that just made me (and him) more frustrated. My friends started to joke that my house looked like a daycare. That is when I discovered sensory play, and I finally found my answer. 

It is truly amazing how beneficial sensory play is for toddlers. Not only does it keep them busy and entertained for what feels like a lifetime in toddler time, but there are SO many benefits. My oldest (now 5), was very speech delayed since he was born with a severe tongue tie. Sensory play provided the solution to not only keeping him entertained, but providing him with an educational activity that would promote his speech along with so many other benefits. As he has gotten older, and I've had two more sons each with their own personalities and developmental needs, it has further engrained in me the importance of sensory play. My oldest is now preparing for kindergarten, and we discovered he has low tone in his hands which makes it difficult to write as well as his peers. One of the many benefits of sensory play is building all the little muscles in their fingers to prepare them for handwriting. Read on for many more benefits!

So, what are the main benefits of sensory play?!

1. Supports Language Developments

  •  As children engage in sensory play, they will learn to describe what they're doing and how it feels. 

2. Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Squishing, kneading, and playing with sensory dough builds up all the tiny muscles in our little one's fingers that will help develop their fine motor skills and prepare them for handwriting. Sensory bins help build hand strength as little ones stir, scoop, and pour different sensory materials and can increase their coordination.

3. Provides a Calming Activity

  • Playing with sensory dough and other sensory materials is naturally therapeutic for littles ones (and adults!). Little ones are easily overstimulated and can have difficulty regulating their emotions. Providing your little one with a sensory activity is a great way to help them calm down and learn to regulate their emotions. Anxiety amongst children is becoming more prevalent, and sensory play is a proven way to lessen their anxiety. 

4. Boosts Cognitive Development

  • Sensory play is very beneficial in optimal brain development at such a crucial stage in our young children's lives and helps bridge the nerve connections in their brains.

5. Allows Children to be Creative and use their Imaginations

  • Sensory play provides open-ended play experiences that allow your little one to explore their imagination and use their creativity. 

With so many benefits to sensory play, I was surprised by the lack of options for sensory play. I sought to create a product that felt natural, organic, and would allow our precious children to reap all the benefits of sensory play experiences. 

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